Dental Patient Education Videos

Patient education videos on your website act as an online education center to help patients more easily understand your treatment recommendations with state-of-the-art animations and videos.

Consider these features & benefits:
•  Access to all 150+ videos
•  Embed each video in your website
•  Treatment library button
•  Treatment viewer
•  Tailored to your practice
•  Videos are iPad® compatible
•  Content always up-to-date

Website Video Examples

Dental Implants - Single Tooth Procedure

Dental Implants - All On 4

Dental Implants - Bone Loss Due to Premature Aging

Dental Implants - Three Unit Implant Bridge

Dental Implants - Implant vs. Bridge

Periodontal - Vertical Bone Loss

Periodontal - Pocket Depth Reduction Procedure

Preventive - Flossing Techniques

Preventive - Sleep Apnea

Oral Surgery - Impacted Third Molar

Oral Surgery - Third Molar Extraction

Esthetic Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Cleaning Braces with Floss

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