WEO Media has Partnered with Card/Pay
CardPay LogoWEO Media is announcing a new partnership with Card/Pay, a credit card payment company.

Card/Pay is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek CA, providing businesses the ability to accept credit and debit cards from their customers.
Card/Pay will save your practice money on credit and debit card transactions in your office and through online bill pay on your website!

Card/Pay is committed to offering the highest level of payment processing services to all WEO Media clients including low rates and transaction fees, direct level relationship / customer service and promotional benefits to WEO Media clients.

Save Money With Card/Pay

The chart below demonstrates typical savings your practice could save. Card/Pay will give you a precise analysis to tell you how much you can save with them. Contact them today for a cost savings quote.

Cardpay Savings Table

Key Benefits and Advantages:
• Low rates and transaction fees
• No setup fees
• Direct relationship and customer service
• Latest technology to process credit/debit card payments for POS terminals, software and gateways
• Integrate with most of your existing credit card terminals / software / gateways
• Other added value services such as check services and branded gift cards
• Retail and ecommerce credit/debit card processing

Exclusive promotional offer to WEO Media customers

Start processing with Card/Pay today and receive a $100 credit on the first month's statement.

For more information about Card/Pay and our program please contact:

Craig Lum
Phone: 503-384-0131, Ext. 1
Email: craiglum@cardpaysolve.com
Visit their website: www.cardpaysolve.com

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