Facebook Tips for Your Dental Practice

Posted on 11/14/2014 by Ian Admin
Facebook Icon Social media activity now accounts for approximately 25% of all activity on the internet, and the usage is widespread across all age groups. This makes social media an attractive path towards gaining exposure, and new patients for your dental practice.

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site so it makes sense to make it a core part of your social media strategy. For existing patients it is recommended to encourage them to "Like" your practice Facebook page. (Note - you should have a separate Facebook page for your practice that is not your personal Facebook page). Studies show that when people "Like" your page they are more likely to remain a loyal customer (patient), and more likely to refer people to your business (practice). Therefore, by increasing your existing patient "Likes" it can lead to an increase in new patient referrals.

Posts to your practice Facebook page should include a combination of personalized "fun" posts, educational oral health posts, and around 10% of the time you can include promotional / new patient special type posts.

To generate new patients Facebook offers several strategies for paid ads. You can target your ad to show up in front of friends of people who have liked your page, or you can target a specific demographic, or you can do both. Ads are quite affordable on a pay-per-click basis so you can experiment with different headlines and offers to determine what works best. It is recommended to target specific subsets of your patient base such as: sedation dentistry for special needs kids, or pain free laser gum treatment for adult patients, etc.

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