Google+ Becoming Important for SEO

Posted on 10/13/2014 by Ian Admin
Google is a leading search engine It is well known that Google is the leading search engine accounting for approximately 67% of all search volume. As a result companies are constantly studying which factors can help their websites rank higher in Google search results.

Recent search ranking studies have shown an increasing prominence of activity level on Google+. Much like Facebook, with Google+ you can share content with friends or defined groups. You can +1 items you like (which is the equivalent to Liking something on Facebook). In addition, you can generate positive reviews for your business on your Google+ Local business page.

These types of activities are increasingly likely to help improve your search rankings. In particular, here are some tips to help improve your Google+ page:

•  Name the title of your page after your business.
•  Create a custom page url.
•  Write a customized SEO Meta description. This is limited to 160 characters so be succinct and include key phrases.
•  Post useful content about your industry, or that people will find interesting in general.
•  Implement strategies to increase your reviews.

We hope these tips and strategies will be useful for increasing the value your practice gets from Google+ and Google.

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