What can I do to help my SEO?

Want to help us boost your SEO? It's all about content!
Posted on 6/29/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Google is looking for unique, interesting content to provide to it's searchers. As SEO's, that's what we try to give them. We send your content to writers that customize content to fit the needs of your practice. But there's one thing we can't create and that's your story.

Check out the video below of our SEO Manager, Evan, as he discusses this in more detail below.

VidWEO - What can I do to help my SEO?

Description: Making your site stand out on Google may be as simple as providing a couple of sentences for your SEO Manager.

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Your story is something that's going to be unique to your practice and unique content is great on Google. You could write all the copy for your website however sometimes it's easier than that. We had a doctor we were writing for and I asked him about a particular drill he liked to use. He launched into a great story about the weight of the drill, how it felt in his hands and how it worked well on the tooth without bouncing out of the socket.

That's content gold! Knowing the "why"; is just as important and knowing the "what".

If you're thinking about how you can improve your website, spend some time coming up with your story. That unique content will help you rank better and get you a great return on your marketing investment.

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