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It's official! Nine out of ten dentists agree that online dental marketing is vital to the success of their practice. Ok, that's not true... It's probably closer to ten out of ten.

Dental Websites & New Patients

Thanks to today's technology, it has never been easier to reach new patients. Unfortunately, there has also never been more practices, and in turn, more competition.

If you are here, you may be wondering how you can reach new patients: Google ads? Online reviews? A sleek new dental website? Carrier pigeons?!
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A comprehensive dental marketing plan can include all of the above and then some, leaving some dentists wondering where to start. (But, you probably shouldn’t start researching how to train pigeons just yet…)

That's where we come in. WEO Media can help your dental office achieve optimal patient numbers using proven marketing solutions. We understand marketing just as well as we understand the dental industry.

The Dental Industry Has Changed

We live in a digital age. Gone are the days when you could solely rely on print, broadcast, word-of-mouth referrals, and push marketing for your dental practice. These marketing techniques simply do not cut the mustard anymore, to use an equally outdated phrase.

A Modern Business Requires Modern Tactics

If you want to attract modern patients, you need to use modern marketing tactics. And that process starts by establishing a well-defined digital footprint, namely, a website that converts potential visitors into high-value patients.

Well, wouldn't you know it? WEO media specializes in just that.

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Why Custom Website Design is So Important

Attracting new website visitors is a vital part of practice growth. However, using a generic website builder like WordPress or Squarespace only makes this difficult task more difficult.

To see internet marketing success, you need a comprehensive marketing plan - a dynamic website service - including a custom-made site. Custom websites provide a number of benefits that attract new patients, which we’ll conveniently list below:

Benefit #1: Premium SEO

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75% of Google users never scroll past the first page results (Hubspot). In other words, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is kind of a big deal... and we can help you seal that deal.

Consistently updated local and dental SEO will help generate new leads and increase your website traffic. A new patient may also find the educational information listed on your website helpful. It's a win-win.

Benefit #2: Mobile Website Optimization

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Did you know 56% of web traffic took place on mobile phones in 2021 (Broadband Search)? If you want your phone to ring nonstop, optimizing your website for mobile visitors is an excellent way to do it. Plus, your existing patients will thank you.

Benefit #3: Professional Design

Most people these days are internet savvy. Potential patients may be less likely to schedule a consultation if they sniff out cookie-cutter templates and canned content.

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Not to mention search engines, whose algorithms reward dental websites with up-to-date code, proper schema, unique content, and user-friendly structure.

Benefit #4: Secure Forms

Patient and online payment forms drastically improve the registration process and increase the in-office productivity of your dentistry team. A new patient is going to want to know their sensitive information is being handled in a professional manner with secure online forms.

Benefit #5: Faster Load Speeds

Bounce rates increase by 9% if your website takes longer than two seconds to load and 38% at five seconds (WebsiteBuilderExpert). You can rely on fast load speeds when you utilize a custom website, managed by a professional marketing team.

Benefit #6: 24/7 Live Chat

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Having 24/7 live chat on your dental website is a huge growth advantage. It allows your practice to convert website visitors into new patients outside of office hours. Unlike other marketing services, our messaging system is staffed with professionals that have actual experience in the dental field.

Benefit #7: Custom Photos & Videos

Articles with images get 94% MORE views than those without. And up to 60% of the population consists of visual learners (Hubspot). Hiring a professional rather than doing it yourself is a nice way to give your website an extra boost in aesthetics.

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In addition to that, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world (CNBC). Custom videos not only allow website visitors to experience a more personal side of your practice, they also improve the visibility of your practice name on sites like YouTube.

Keywords, Marketing, & Dentistry

According to Backlinko, 92% of all search queries on the internet are "long-tailed" keywords- phrases like "implant dentists in San Diego" or "best dental practices near me." In other words, patients now search differently.

Ripped paper that reads Long Tail KEYWORDS

Your SEO marketing should focus on hitting these long-tailed keywords, leading to a higher ranking for your dental website and more business for your practice.

The Perfect Website for Your Dental Practice

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As a dental marketing company, we specialize in creating and managing dental websites that convert new patients. Your website is your brand. If you want to see that brand grow, making a lasting impression is essential.

Only 21% of Google Users Access More Than One Result

According to traffic statistics from major search engines, only 21% of users access more than one search result. That means your dental office basically has one shot at attracting a new patient.

Attracting More New Patients to Your Dental Office

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At WEO Media we provide comprehensive digital marketing services designed to help dental practices grow their business. In addition to gorgeous, custom-made websites, we also offer:

A strong dental website is only one way to gain new patients. If you want to see growth and rise above the competition, the tactics listed above are essential.

The Importance of Professional Dental Marketing Services

If you want new patients for your dental office, hire a professional marketing company, specifically one which specializes in dental marketing. Dental practices that spend more money on their marketing see more growth. It's that simple.

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