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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is imperative for any business looking to improve their internet presence, especially those in the competitive field of dentistry. In short, properly executed SEO can drastically boost your ranking on major search engines like Google. When your business pops up at the top of Google’s search results, you should see a significant increase in website traffic.

The ultimate goal of dental SEO is to attract and convert new visitors into high-value patients. However, accomplishing this goal requires a deep understanding of SEO, its growing complexities, and Google’s ever-evolving search algorithms. Many dentists simply don’t have the time to handle SEO on their own.

This is where WEO Media comes into play. As a full service dental marketing agency, we can help facilitate, execute, and maintain a successful SEO campaign. Premium SEO is just one of our many award-winning services designed to improve your practice and increase patient volume!

SEO for Dentists

In today’s internet age, most business owners should be familiar with the basic concepts of SEO. Due to its constant evolution, staying up-to-date with the latest methods and tactics may prove easier said than done. Our Premium SEO services include two major components:

On-Site SEO Work

As you can probably guess, on-site SEO involves optimizing certain aspects of your website to clarify the intent of your content for major search engines. The main pillars of on-site work include website code, website structure, and of course, its content.

We can optimize your website code with title tags, meta tags, and image tags that target certain dental-related keywords and topics. Well-structured code also includes microdata, or a semantic vocabulary of tags known as schema. Schema provides major search engines with the information they need to better understand your content and provide the best possible user results. Adding schema markup to your HTML improves the way your page is displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) with relevant details below the title.

We can optimize your website structure with a user-friendly interface and experience, mobile functionality (responsiveness), a dynamic sitemap, and faster page speeds. A well-structured site also allows search engines to find relevant information with ease, resulting in a higher overall ranking.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we can optimize your website content with custom-created pages that engage potential patients. Both website visitors and search engines favor unique, informative content with well-placed key words. Strong content should also establish your practice as a leading authority in the field of dentistry.

Off-site Dental SEO Work

Off-site SEO is designed to establish a sense of authority and trust with potential patients trying to find a new dentist. We may use a variety of tactics to accomplish this goal. Ultimately, we are trying to convince major search engines that your site is important!

Google’s search engine algorithm tends to favor sites with “authority.” One way to establish authority is to generate positive patient reviews on Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, and even Facebook. Local directory listings, social media integration, and blogs can also establish trust and familiarity with a Google user.

We typically boost the importance of your site through relevant link building and backlinking using “white hat techniques.” White hat SEO targets a human audience, as well as search engine algorithms, to produce a better, more organic ranking. Quality content and a clean link profile are vital to the integrity and credibility of your site, in the eyes of search engines and patients alike.

Is SEO for Dentists Any Different Than SEO for Non-Dentists?

The short answer: yes and no. In theory, SEO for both dentists and non-dentists should accomplish the same goal, which is to increase the number of visitors to your website. However, implementing the few key differences between general SEO and dental SEO can dramatically improve your results.

As the industry leader in dental marketing, WEO media has amassed a deep and comprehensive understanding of local SEO for dentists, much to the benefit of our clients! Our team of specialists can help you, too, better understand and utilize SEO effectively for your practice. Together, we can significantly expand your online visibility, and increase your patient acquisition rate.

Often times, our services for your practice will involve a combination of both local and national SEO tactics. Using the proper, most current methods will ensure your site earns a place at the top of search engine results page. Local SEO helps the people in your area find your practice. Then our specialized on site conversion techniques will get more of these potential patients to schedule an appointment!

There are four major, distinct pillars of dental SEO include: patient-focused site design, high-quality backlinks in the dental industry, consumer psychology, and dental-specific testing and research. These four methods help us attract and secure more high-value patients, rather than simply increasing your website traffic.

Why Hire an Agency Instead of Trying to Learn It Yourself or Relying on a Single Person?

WEO Media accepting the Best of Class award in Technology 2019 for Dental SEOImplementing and maintaining proper SEO can be a daunting and enormous task. Hiring a dental marketing agency like WEO Media will ensure your practice receives the best services available today. In fact, our team has been honored with the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award four years running!

Trying to learn SEO on your own is possible, but not advisable. Because the technology is constantly changing, it can take months or even years to learn everything there is to know. Learning about, and then maintaining your own SEO, pulls focus from running your practice.

Hiring a single person for your SEO needs also comes with its drawbacks. The job is simply too big for any one person, especially if they have multiple clients. When you team up with WEO, you gain access to our award-winning crew of specialists, from SEO content mangers to experienced software engineers. Using a full service dental marketing agency like ours is always ideal!

Dangers of Hiring the Wrong SEO Agency

Unfortunately, some marketing agencies are more qualified than others. Choosing the wrong company to help you with your SEO can lead to a insignificant internet presence. If you want optimal results from your SEO campaign, partnering with WEO Media may be the answer!

Some companies claim to utilize the best marketing tactics, without actually detailing specifics. Often times, this means they use “black hat” SEO methods that exploit search engine loopholes, ultimately leading to penalization and minimal website traffic. In some instances, Google has even banned sites that try to take advantage of their search engine algorithms.

Instead, a successful SEO campaign involves “white hat” techniques we briefly touched on in the section above. White hat SEO produces more organic and effective results in an ethical manner. Google tends to favor websites that use these methods, rather than spammy pages crammed with keywords. Our team of specialists understand and implement the minute details of certain SEO strategies that take your website to the next level.

The strategies we recommend may vary from client to client. Your new site and SEO will be dictated by your desired results in using our services. When you choose WEO, you are guaranteed a customized SEO campaign that best fits your individual needs. Because competition online is fierce, custom and continuous SEO management is paramount. Using an agency that does not provide an individualized SEO campaign can drastically damage your internet presence.

One red flag of an untrustworthy marketing “expert” is asking for reasonable, or flexible expectations. This usually means they lack the skill or knowledge to produce successful SEO. While SEO is an ongoing effort and takes time, you should never have to settle for less than success. We believe the end result should always be the same: the highest possible Google ranking!

Other red flags include:
• Using Outdated Methods
• Outsourcing SEO and other work to mystery companies
• Violating Google’s marketing guidelines
• Following the same basic steps for each client, regardless of individual needs
• Taking payment without producing tangible results

The aspects of a strong SEO strategy include:
• Research and pre-launch SEO planning
• Staying on top of Google’s algorithms
• Testing marketing strategies and analyzing results
• Identifying effective trends
• Producing dentistry-specific strategies
• Understanding new optimization techniques and technology
• Unique, quality website content that attracts your key demographic
• Competition research
• The successful execution of multiple marketing methods

How Dental SEO Can be an Ongoing Effort

Unfortunately, it can take months before you see your desired results from dental SEO. However, this should not dissuade you from continuing SEO as a part of an ongoing effort. A good SEO campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. An agency or person that claims otherwise is likely to use black hat techniques. Fortunately, you can make up for this delay with a PPC campaign, which tends to produce results faster.

Running a business website, especially in the dental industry, can be quite competitive. The effectiveness of your SEO is dictated by several factors, one of which is local competition. If your practice is in an area with fewer competitors, your much more likely to attract and convert potential patients. In a large metropolis like Los Angeles or New York, outranking other dentists may take a bit more effort.

Local keyword research and consumer psychology data is the best way to boost your ranking, especially for practices in a competitive area. Google even offers a powerful service, known as Keyword Planner Tool, that helps us identify the keywords users are searching, specifically in your area. Keyword optimization, from SEO to PPC to your Google My Business, plays a key role in helping you outrank your competitors.

If you want to increase the number of patients that visit your practice, especially for high-value, large-margin treatments such as dental implants, long-term SEO is the best solution. In this specific case, we would target the implant keyword extensively, including it in tags, metatags, paid ads, and several unique pages about the treatment. Monitoring and updating your SEO will eventual lead to a higher local ranking when it comes to this keyword.

Even with ever-evolving algorithms, Googles works slowly. It can take a bit of time for the search engine to crawl through your new and improved website that establishes your authority. With persistence and patience, significant results will become apparent. These results are usually marked by a higher SERP ranking and a steady increase in patient acquisition.

Eventually, your site and SEO may reach a threshold of stability and plateau. At this point, your campaign will shift from growing your numbers to maintaining them. This is generally considered a “good problem” to have, as it can sometimes mean you have maximized your patient conversion rate.

Is Learning SEO and Doing It Myself Worth My Time?

Advocating for the importance of SEO experts is better for our business, but it is also better for yours! Attempting to learn SEO and do it yourself can be a huge waste of time. We want as many dentists as possible to experience the true power of excellent SEO, which usually involves a full-service agency like WEO.

If you are currently concerned with your online visibility, choosing WEO may be the ideal solution. When you use our services, you can rest assured knowing your new site is attracting more visitors, and in turn, more patients!

Leaving SEO and website management in our hands frees up time for you to further improve your practice. Once you see an increase in patients (and revenue), you could even invest in safer, more effective, more appealing treatments and technologies. Establishing a higher level of care is perhaps the best possible way to attract higher-value patients. Patients get the best possible care, and you get more patients: everybody wins!

On top of everything else, implementing and maintaining the proper SEO is not easy! Your website need to being appealing to both prospective patients and Google, from its structure and code to SEO and content. Optimizing the content of your site may prove to be a bigger burden than you initially think.

Google’s algorithm rewards websites it deems unique and helpful. Inadequate SEO techniques can cause high bounce rates, which are detrimental to your ranking. A user that navigates off your site after one page, is also highly unlikely to schedule an appointment. This types of mistakes are easily avoidable when you choose a large dental marketing agency.

Tracking and ROI

To ensure a healthy return on investment, our team is dedicated to tracking the growth of your practice, and the effects of our SEO tactics. The several tracking techniques we use include:
• Phone Tracking: Allows us to discover which parts of your SEO campaign help patients find your office and contact you over the phone.
• Form Tracking: Contact forms give us information on where the people interested in your services.
• Traffic Reports: Helps us monitor and analyze your website traffic on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
• Ranking Reports: As the name suggests, a ranking report helps us better understand how your website ranks when compared to your local competitors.

As far as ROI is concerned, it is important to note that your results will be relative to the size of your current business. A small or moderately-sized practice will not see the same results as a larger business. However, even smaller practices can still expect significant ROI, as long as it is relative to your current size.

Complimentary Consultations

If you would like to learn more about dental SEO, you have come to the right place! Our years of experience in the dental industry have provided us with a wealth of knowledge, which we pass on to our clients. Contact us today for an evaluation of your practice’s current online ranking!

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