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Looking for dental SEO?

Many SEO companies are targeting dentists trying to get their business saying they do dental SEO. A general SEO company doesn't have the expertise to create content or know enough about dentistry to get the patients dentists are looking for. WEO Media has been providing dental SEO since 2009 and we can do a better job than our competitors.

The best in dental SEO

That's a pretty bold claim to make and we've talked to enough customers to feel confident making it. We've specialized in catering to the dental industry. We create dental websites, dental videos, dental blogs and support it with dental SEO, dental PPC, and even dental practice consulting. Our clients are general dentists, specialist dentists (including Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Pediatric Dentists), dental consultants, dental manufacturers, dental study groups, and dental associations.

Dental SEO is what we know.

If you needed facial reconstruction, who would you go to? A general dentist is good in a pinch, but if you have a choice you should seek out an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon. If you needed to repair a botched root canal, you would talk to an Endodontist. If you want to get more patients from the internet, you would talk to an SEO company that specializes in dentists.

How is dental SEO different?

Every mouth is unique to the individual and dental SEO, like any other specialized industry, has idiosyncrasies that make it different from lawyers, plumbers, accountants, etc. Someone who doesn't know local SEO for dentists will take one part of your business and play it up so you rank for that one thing. Dentists are not one trick ponies and users on the internet search for a wide variety of things to find the right dentist.

Dental search is changing.

Users are starting to get smarter about their searches. For example: People are searching less for cosmetic dentist and more for teeth whitening (see below). A general SEO company would not know this like a dental SEO company.

Dental SEO - Search Volume Trend Graph for Cosmetic DentistDental SEO - Search Volume Trend Graph for Teeth Whitening

What does WEO do differently?

We understand dentists and our reputation reflects it:

  • Pricing – Not that long ago a Yellow Page AD was all you needed to get business. Not any more, but making the transition to a good marketing firm can be expensive ($10,000+/month). We have streamlined our process to bring down the average monthly cost so you can have a good marketing firm without paying exorbitant fees.
  • Expertise – Unique content has become very important in the SEO world. We know dentistry and our content is better and more accurate than our competition. It might even cost less since another company would need to research just to be able to write a page about osseointegration (and who do you think would pay for that?).
  • Dental Oriented – We are always looking for services to benefit dentists' marketing efforts. We added our Blog Service, Online Review Generation and our AMP program with dentists in mind.

You've heard about WEO Media.

As you move around the industry you will hear our name. We've been endorsed by many large dental companies, dental associations, won dental awards and probably recommended to you by one of your colleagues. It is time to upgrade your online presence and WEO Media is your best option. Call us today: 888-788-4670
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