Direct to Consumer Marketing Services

WEO Media is a full service dental marketing agency offering our clients a wide range of services including direct-to-consumer marketing services.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is usually recommended for startup dental practices, and existing practices looking to drive new patient growth. Direct mail campaigns can be targeted by zip code, radius from the office, income bracket, residence with children vs no children, new movers, and other related factors.

Response rates are increased by using full-color postcards with larger sizes such as 6" X 11".

Print Ads

Let our marketing team fully develop your print ad campaign. Our team will develop your messaging, write the content, create the design, and finalize the ad.

We can research the best options for ad placement, frequency, and negotiate rates.

Radio / Internet Radio

Advertising on the radio can be quite effective if done properly. We will research the stations and rates in your geographic target areas and recommend the best options based on your goals and budget.

Our marketing team will write the ad and manage the ad creation process from A to Z.

TV Ads

Running advertisements on TV can be expensive but effective once the messaging is optimized. Our marketing team will work with the TV station to create and optimize the ad to best fit your objectives.
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