SEO: Three Things You Should Consider

Posted on 1/10/2015 by Rosalea Admin
Dental SEO potion When considering the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in your overall online marketing strategy, there are three things you should always consider.

Regularly Updated Content

Make sure that you are writing unique content for your website, and update it regularly. Whether you are including news and community related events, or writing a topic based blog on your website, both can help you achieve the goal of having unique and fresh content, written for your readers.

Use Correct Code!

Each page on your website should be limited to one topic, that is clearly labeled to how Google and other search algorithms interpret information on your website. Those labels are called "tags". Header tags tell Google what the page is about, and what the main topics are, while alt tags describe what a picture is about. Your alt tags for pictures (and those pictures) should always reflect what the topic of your page is, whenever possible.

Social Media Counts

Having a website is not enough anymore. Search engines also look at how active you are on various social media platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Relevant websites generally are talked about in social media, and have links about you on various platforms.

At its very root, SEO is simply how relevant the search engine believes your website to be, in relation to the search being conducted. Regularly updated content, such as a blog on your website, appropriately titled pages and images using header and alt tags, and social media interaction are three areas you should be addressing as part of your strategy.

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