How Was Your Marketing in 2013?

Posted on 12/15/2013 by Rosalea Admin
Dentist having his marketing plan evaluated by a marketing agency at the end of the year.As 2013 comes to an end it's a good time to evaluate your website and overall marketing performance. Here are some items to consider:

1) Do you have a marketing plan and budget?
It is a general rule of thumb to spend 2% - 4% of gross revenue on marketing each year. If your practice is not growing as much as you'd like, then odds are you aren't spending enough money on marketing. Or at least you're not spending it on good marketing. Marketing should make you money, not cost you money!

A marketing plan should include these items at a minimum: a good website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, patient referral program, and an online patient review strategy. There are many other items which could be included but these are the recommended minimum marketing activities.

2) Do you track your marketing results?
It is very important to keep track of where all your new patients come from. Do they come from referrals, your website, your insurance provider's website, or a social media campaign? Did they find you on an online directory or an advertisement? If you keep track of where all your new patients come from then you'll be able to understand where your marketing is working well, and not so well.

3) Do you have a good understanding of your ROI?
Understanding the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing budget is critical. By tracking results vs. budget spent you'll be able to identify which marketing activities are working well and focus more on those areas. Likewise, you will identify areas where you are either wasting money, or not properly implementing certain marketing activities.

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