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Posted on 12/28/2015 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Are you posting on Facebook but feel as if you're not reaching new patients? Local businesses often have a hard time gathering new followers because of their narrow locale focus and many times posts get lost in news feeds without much interaction.

But, good news, there are a few things you can try that will boost your visibility and give you great results!

#1 — Use video and images in your posts.

Videos are by far the most seen and most engaged post type on Facebook. Using rendering videos of procedures, fun staff videos, or videos of the doctor doing a Q&A can greatly increase your post visibility. If videos aren't in your budget, use engaging images. Show your staff, share interesting messages, and create posts that will stop someone from scrolling quickly past.

#2 — Collaborate with other local businesses.

Is there another business in your area you could help promote? An orthodontist you refer to? A healthy restaurant in town you like to eat out? Working out a collaborative posting is a great way to get not only your fans to see your posts, but their fans as well.

#3 — Use reviews.

Reviews can be a powerful tool for your clinic not only to interact with your current patients, but also to gain new ones by have a long list of satisfied patients telling others how happy they are. Recent studies have shown that online reviews rank almost as high as personal recommendations to people when they are making decisions as to which dentist to choose. Make sure your reviews are turned on and you're managing those in the best way possible.

#4 — Offer fan perks.

Want to engage with your patients online? Everyone loves a special promotion or offer! For a dentist, perhaps this is a free or discounted teeth whitening or electronic toothbrush on their next visit if they like or share your post. Giveaways work great for building Facebook visibility as well. They are relatively easy to produce, will garner great interaction over time, give your office visibility, and bring in new patients.

#5 — Show your personality.

People are on Facebook often times for entertainment so it's sometimes good to entertain. Share a funny saying or something that strikes a cord with your brand for your office and it will also strike a cord with your patients.

Social interaction and visibility will come with the right content and with enough time. For help with your social media marketing, contact your WEO Practice Acceleration Consultant for more information on how WEO Media can help!

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