Top 3 Search Engine Rules Every Dentist Should Follow

Posted on 1/19/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly misunderstood maze and the rules are constantly changing. Although getting ranked number one can be quite the task, there are a few best practice items every office should do for their website. Doing these small things won't necessarily get your site listed #1, but it will improve your existing ranking.

1 — Content is king

Having relevant, timely, and fresh content is key when it comes to Google search. Keep in mind Google wants to provide the most relevant, fresh, and accurate content to the searcher so the more in line with that your site is, the more often it will be found by searchers. Over time, focusing on unique pages with custom content about your services and fresh blog posts about dentistry topics will help with your rankings.

2 — Use and complete meta tags

Google maps content according to it’s priority on your site. If your headlines, specifically H1 tags, read "Seattle Dentist", Google assumes that content is a priority for you. In addition, using the head, title, and keyword tags on each one of your site pages will reinforce the same message.

3 — Create social media profiles and use them

Using and pointing people back to your website from social media channels reads as site traffic to your site. Search engines see increased site traffic as one way to score reliability. So, increase site traffic equals a higher search engine ranking.

Although getting to the top spot on search engines is much more involved process, doing these things can help you have an organic increase in your rankings.

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