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Posted on 10/26/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Google Mobile Search IndexGoogle has again announced a shift in their indexing and it has everyone stepping up their mobile game a bit.

Although Google had announced some time ago that they were going to use different algorithms to deliver results for mobile vs desktop users, Google has had one index for those searches regardless of the user platform. The index is the catalog of websites and pages that Google finds and delivers in their results.

Last week Google announced that they'd be separating these search indexes and the desktop index won't be updated as often as the mobile version. This change is in line with Googles shift to focus strongly on mobile users and search results.

What does this mean for your dental website?

Google is essentially saying that mobile search is more important than desktop search and that's a theory you should adopt for your website as well.
If you don't already have a mobile friendly site, it's time to make that happen for your practice. If you want to receive relevant search traffic in any capacity, you must update your site and make it accessible on mobile devices. Not doing this immediately means your site will lose valuable traffic and therefore potential patients.

Keep in mind that having a mobile friendly site is about more than just having a responsive site.

You need to also make sure that your content loads quickly and effectively on that device. Be sure you’re testing your content, optimizing your images and video, and viewing your site on various mobile platforms to ensure it's viewable.

Google also offers several tests that you can run for free on your site.
Check out this page load test or this mobile friendly test.

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