Posted on 2/9/2017 by Evan Admin
At WEO we spend a lot of time making dental offices shine online. If you go through our SEO clients you will find a Who's Who of dentists in their respective geographies. Getting websites to page 1 on Google is like turning people into local celebrities. The SEO team would like the owners to start their own dental conference called Dentalpalooza to showcase our dentists.

Can’t stop a WEO Party…

You know it. We already have some of the biggest names in dental world advising our company:

•  Lou Shouman, DMD – Super fun dude who knows everybody.
•  Joshua Austin, DDS

We also are partnered with or endorsed by:

•  Nobel Biocare – They invented dental implants, no really.
•  Ormco
•  California Dental Association – THE dental association. All eyes on them.
•  Western Society of Periodontology
•  Oregon Dental Association
•  Washington Academy of General Dentistry

Our owners are:

•  Cory Roletto – Owner, VP of Operations, extreme hobbiest, and belly dancing expert.
•  Ian McNickle – Owner, VP of Sales, ADA speaker, runner, and jealous of Cory’s dancing skills.
•  Mark Hutchinson – Owner, VP of Making Magic Happen, coffee enthusiast, & enthusiast.

Wow, them’s some folk.

Any big event needs headliners, endorsements and money. I’m not sure where the money will come from, but we’ve got everything else. We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like us.

With all this star power we should start our own conference. We could hold it in beautiful Portland Oregon where the coffee is hot, the views are gorgeous, and the food is amazing. Look for Dentalpalooza in the future…if Evan can convince the partners, that is.
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