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The team at WEO Media is constantly searching for the latest information to help our clients and understand best practices in an ever-changing digital marketing age. Each month we publish a dental marketing newsletter with articles designed to help you succeed in marketing your practice for patient growth. Have a dental marketing question? Email us at and we might include your question in a future blog post!

10 Useful Dental Holidays to Boost Your Marketing

Posted on 10/10/2021 by Ralph Reynolds
Whether you’ve already felt the first cold snap in the air, you’re starting to plan your Christmas shopping budget, or you’re simply thrilled about pumpkin spiceeverything, it’s impossible to deny that the holidays are looming right around the corner. Those of us with experience in the dental industry know that this is generally a slower time of the year for many practices around the country, which provides a great opportunity to come up with new ways to bolster yourdental marketingstrategies for next year. To help get us into the holiday spirit, we thought it might...

Photography For Your Dental Website - Stock vs. Unique
Posted on 9/6/2021 by Kate Stone
When it comes to yourdental website, images are worth more than just 1000 words: pictures are vital in helping to showcase not only the services you provide but who you are and what kind of treatment patients can expect when they come into your office - all in a single glance. Between custom photos and stock images, what’s the best kind of picture to feature on your website? Keep reading to find out the answer! You could also simply watch our VidWEO below about stock vs unique photograpghy, check out our other videos that cover importantdental marketingtopics, or give us a call if you...

Optimize your Content for SEO
Posted on 8/10/2021 by Matt Krzensniak
While it’s cliche to say that content is king, the truth is that almost nothing can do more for yourdental SEOranking than having quality content for Google to recognize and rank well. But what does optimizing content for SEO (search engine optimization) really mean? As we know, Google’s search algorithm relies on keywords. Keywords are the words and sometimes phrases that web searchers use when they’re looking for information online. These same words and phrases are used to describe the topics located on yourdental website. In an ideal case, these terms match up....

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